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Bali Stone...
Stone Looks Unlike the Rest

We pride ourselves in having the most current, original looks for stone flooring and with our most popular line - Bali Stone - we have accomplished our goal.  Currently we feature this line of stone flooring products with mesh backing that give the look of multiple hand-placed stones yet the flooring lays like regular tile. Bali Stone has three different textures, pebbles, flat cut stone, and stacked stone.  Add some distinct color variations to those multiple textures and you can give your project a consistent style with multiple looks!



Pebbles is our most popular Bali Stone style.  This mesh backed tile has individual Indonesian pebbles in the widest variety of colors.  The stones on each sheet are similar in color, but the natural look of each stone provides the every-piece-is-different look that everyone strives for.

flat stones 

Flat Cut Stone

Flat Cut Stone is a mesh backed tile that has individual Indonesian pebbles in a wide variety of shapes and colors, but the stones have been cut to make the overall surface much flatter in comparison to the standard or stacked pebble offerings.


Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone is our unique format of pebbles stacked horizontally so the piece has a different relief perspective which adds to the unique effectiveness in your project.  Based on pebbles laid on their sides this mesh backed piece provides a completly different look that can provide the interest factor for vertical spaces in your design.

Keeping it Together

The simplicity of mesh can give us the look of an entire area of handlaid stones with the ease of group joint tiling. 

All the stone is  permanently affixed to a strong mesh backing that allows the stone "tiles" to lay flat and provide a finished unit that is very easy to work with.  In many ways the pieces work like tile, lay like tile and have openings for grout, just like tile.  The individual stones break the monotony of standard stone tiles.

Wheter it is flagstone or indonesian  pebbles, the stones are unique to each tile.  All the pieces are similar, but each piece is different from every other piece. 

Distinction, originality, and convenience are the hallmarks of this type of stone tiling.  This feature gets you noticed form homeowners and installers alike, and if they like it, a designers day is that much easier.

This means that no two applications will be the same - allowing even more options when paints and furniture enhance your design.