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Bali Stone Stacked Stone Gallery

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Stacked Stone Provides a Horizontal Pop

Stacked Stone is the Bali Stone mesh tile where the pebbles are stacked on the sides as opposed to the tops or bottoms.  This provides a dynamic relief that is not found in the flatter Pebbles and Flat Cut Stone looks.

These unique tiles provide a natural stone look that really pops out at the viewer.  This dynamic feature is unique in our world of stone products in that it has an active look while maintaing that  special, natural visual appeal.

While our other mesh products lie comfortably and spread out, this Stacked Stone compresses the space giving the space volume and a packed effect.  It is a how much, how many feel that is not overwhelming because it is presented in a natural semi-ordered way

The pebbles are still the constant though.  There are unique individual stones of similar shades that provide a comforting feel in a controlled environment.