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The R&M Designer Collection
The ultimate designer touch

Our new mosaic pieces are truly one of a kind designs that add a wow factor to any design.  But these pieces just don't look good in small quantities or individual settings, these new designs can really captivate the attention in a room.  Bright in their own right, with different shades, shapes and textures, our glass line is modern, unique and indespensible in your rooms.

Fusion Series

The Fusion Series is a complex family of mosaic pieces that offer a wide array of options to enhance any space.  There are four types of mosaics within our most popular line: square mosaics, staggered mosaics, striped mosaics and the arch series.  All of these lines incorporate glass, stone, shapes and textures that are outstanding fits in the modern design space.

Impressions Whicker Series

The Impressions Whicker Series also present an option for uniqueness in any space.   The back and forth look uses uniform rectangular pieces on a mesh back.


Skyline Series

The Skyline Series uses uneven widths of glass and stone to create a more linear feel to each mesh piece.


Confection  Series

Our Confection Series is truly playful. This look incorporates square pieces with just the right amount of interesting color mixes and shiny tiles that  are like candy to the eyes.


Season  Series

Our Season Series is understated yet elegant.  The individual mosaic pieces hint at the moods of each season.  Warm, subtle tones carry the sense of season and fit in to every space.

More easy to install, distinctive pieces

Like our other unique products, the Mosaic lines that we feature at All About Stone are easy to install.  The mesh backing allows regular tile application with the distinctive, busy look that appears hand crafted but is time saving.

Wheter it is square, staggered, striped or arched mosaics, these pieces have a fantastic blend of glass and stone pieces that provide a spectacular look.  The mix of shape, substrate and texture provide unique blends that are pleasing to the eye and appear fascinatingly complex. 

Distinction, originality, and convenience are the hallmarks of this type of stone tiling.  This feature gets you noticed form homeowners and installers alike, and if the installer and end user like it, a designers day is that much easier.

These tile lines (except for the Fusion Series) come as approximately 12x12 sheets.  The fusion series is slightly smaller in size, containing .77 sq. ft. per tile.

Below is a sample of the tile shape from the Skyline Series, but is representative of how these mosaic tiles are put together.

skyline sample text