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Natural Stone:                 Adding Beauty to the Space

We pride ourselves in having the most current, original looks for stone flooring and countertops in the industry.

We carry slabs of fascinating color combinations, with streaks and seams of natural coloration that make a countertop unique to the space.  Stone countertops are often ranked highest in consumer quality surveys for durability and ease of use.  No grout lines, simple to use and easy to clean. Beauty, reliability and functionality are great attributes in any kitchen.

Natural Stone flooring can give a room permanence while making it inviting at the same time.  The textures and imperfections of the stone make a home look lived in from the day after installation.  Suprisingly comfortable under foot, stone flooring is really a comfortable, easy to clean option for home flooring.

Unfortunately, natural stone is a very transient piece of inventory.  Once a piece is purchased a new piece comes in but no two pieces of natural stone are the same. Although we could put up pictures of this inventory, they change almost daily, so we encourage you to visit our showroom to see all the fantastic options we have in stock for your home.



Natural Stone Enhances Every Home

We are firm believers that natural stone enhances every home. Stone is clean, neat and makes a house into a home.  Relaxing, all natural looks brighten a home by giving clean inviting looks to every room.

And the stone in a home adds toughness,  permanence and durability.  The surfaces are also simple to maintain and stay looking clean, even when they are not cleaned every day.  Combined with intricate natural patterns, stone enhances every home with distinctive reliability.

This means that no two applications will be the same - allowing even more options when paints and furniture enhance your design.